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What We Learned From Tony Hawk About Authenticity

Years ago, when MailChimp was a smaller company, Friday mornings were a time to gather and talk about what’s going on around the office. But now that there are 800 of us, we like to mix it up occasionally. Recently, we did just that by inviting Tony Hawk to our Coffee Hour series. As an …

6 Things We Learned from Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad

Every day, our 700+ employees work hard on the world’s largest marketing automation platform. So when the end of the week rolls around, we take the opportunity shut down our laptops, load up on donuts and coffee, and give our brains a good stretch with Coffee Hour. Coffee Hour is a series that invites thought-provoking speakers …

The Evolution of MailChimp’s Coffee Hour

Maybe you’ve heard about MailChimp’s Coffee Hour, our Friday morning speaker series. It’s been a staple of our culture for years, growing and changing along with the company. In fact, the last time we blogged about Coffee Hour was all the way back in 2012. Back then, we had around 150 employees and almost 2 million users. We now employ more than 600 talented people who serve more than 15 million customers all over the world. In our spare time, we run ads about singing shrimp.

Five years later, we’re still inviting creative, interesting, weird, and thought-provoking people to speak at Coffee Hour.

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