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MailChimp is on Giphy!

Earlier this year, we made our first official GIF policy for social media: no more third-party GIFs. So we asked our designers to create GIFs and images we could use to respond to certain types of posts on Facebook and Twitter. After figuring out the main sentiments we wanted to get across— “You’re welcome,” “Thanks,” “Your cat looks amazing in that hat,” etc.—our creative team got to work.

Advertise to your MailChimp List on Facebook

At MailChimp, we spend a lot of time (maybe too much) thinking about fun ways to delight our customers. So we make stuff like billboards, vinyl toy figurines, t-shirts, monkey hats for cats and easter eggs. It’s not about acquiring new customers, but just telling existing customers, "Hey, remember us? We love you." At the …

MailChimp’s Freddie Comes To Life

It was pretty shocking yesterday morning when a life sized chimp mascot showed up at the office. Little did we know that Chief Customer Officer Dan had secretly been working with Maydwell Mascots for about two months to make it happen! Bear with me for a sec for a quick jaunt down memory lane. The first …

Using Twitter For Promos Without Being a D-bag, Part II

People Love Free Stuff It’s hard for me to believe that we ever thought it would be difficult to give away 1,000 tshirts. On September 10th when we launched the promotion, all 100 shirts we made available were claimed within two and a half minutes. That’s one tshirt every 1.5 seconds. I was well aware …