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Using Posterous To Drive Facebook Fan Engagement

In June of this year I decided to set up an offshoot of the MailChimp blog on Posterous. The site bills itself as "a dead simple way to post everything online using email." With a full-blown Wordpress blog, in addition to our Facebook Fan Page and Twitter account, you might be wondering why in the world I’d want another site to maintain. The simple answer: the more I use Posterous, the more I love it! — Especially for the particular niche it serves.

Let MailChimp Send You to Blogworld

Interested in going to Blogworld in Las Vegas but weren’t able to register in time? Why not let MailChimp send you! We’re giving away one registration, and all you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling us why we should pick you! Of course you’ll still be responsible for your hotel …

Getting Started With Blogs

Thinking about starting up a blog for your business? P.J. Fusco, over at the Clickz network, offers up Five Getting-Started Blog Questions. I’ve always felt blogs and email newsletters go hand in hand. I post full articles on our blog, then write snippets in my newsletters that point back to those articles. It’s easy, and …

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