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MailChimp Now Integrates with Bizness Apps

For many small businesses, getting a mobile app created for their restaurant, coffee shop or retail store seems time consuming and expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. Lately we’ve noticed several applications popping up that make creating a mobile app as easy as creating a web page. One particularly neat example of this is …

MailChimp Integrates with Church Office Online

We’ve got hundreds of churches using MailChimp to communicate with their congregations and, just like any other nonprofit, they have a hard time keeping track of their members, ministries, contributions, events etc. Which is why I’m excited to announce our newest integration. Church Office Online’s flagship product, Church Membership Online, is an inexpensive, user-friendly and accessible …

Connect & Sync MailChimp to Any Application

Using the MailChimp API, you can connect and sync just about any application with your MailChimp account. And we’re not just talking about passing emails back and forth. We’re talking about every tiny little stat you could ever want. Your affiliate links. Your segments. Batch subs & unsubs. Updating member info. Interest groups. Segments. IP …

API Diagnostics

A little monkey love for our API users. Very soon (this weekend if not sooner), under your MailChimp –> Account settings, you’ll be getting a new screen:

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