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Introducing Campaign Creation in MailChimp’s Mobile App

When Ivan Rivera expanded his e-commerce business to include a brick-and-mortar location, he found himself spending more and more of his limited time helping customers in the store. His morning subway ride had become the only spare moment in his day he could spend on marketing emails. Like many small-business owners, Ivan needs a marketing …

MailChimp Snap for Android

When MailChimp Snap was released for iOS in October, not everyone was happy. Some of you emailed us, tweeted at us, and contacted our support team, asking when Android users would have their day. I don’t blame you. In fact, as a loyal Android user, I’m right there with you. I couldn’t join the Vine party until 6 months after …

Research: How People Use Mobile Email

Smartphones just outsold desktop computers, and we see people everywhere using them more than their PCs–that’s a sign that something paradigm-shifting is going on here. So the MailChimp UX team researched the behavior of people when they read emails on their mobile devices.

Golden Monkeys v2 is Live

We just launched a totally new Golden Monkeys mobile app, and it’s available now on the iPhone app store and the Android Market.

Golden Monkeys for Android

A while ago we released Golden Monkeys for iPhone, an app that helps you keep up with your mailing list VIPs. It’s taken us a little while to get an Android version together since we had to learn how to create Android apps. Android SDK is quite different from our specialty here at the Mobile …

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