Oct 16, 2009

T-shirt Packing Unicorn Interns

unicorn-thmJust wanted to update all our friends who won MailChimp t-shirts during our recent twitter / facebook giveaway, and are anxiously awaiting their prize. Um yeah, 1,000 t-shirts take a really, really long time to pack.

So yesterday, we had a t-shirt packing party where the whole company folded and packed.

Even our Unicorn intern pitched in…

Everybody grab some shirts and envelopes…


A handful of them were packed with personal notes on business cards ("send help"), stickers, pins, etc.


Co-founder Dan Kurzius, always "Seeking EfficiencesTM," with his assembly line system:

Steve. When he’s not packing sketchbooks at night, he’s packing t-shirts by day.


James and Ron from DesignLab, and Jenny from accounting:


Jennifer, head of application documentation, thinking about writing a knowledge base article on folding tshirts:


Mark from marketing. He setup by the catering to sneak some extra servings. Yeah, we saw you Mark.


Some engineers even snuck out of their caves* to help:


(naw, there aren’t any caves here)

Siiigh. Our new Unicorn intern has no idea where to begin.


When all was said and done, we got about 700 t-shirts packed! So all you winners, keep an eye on your inbox (the non-email version) for your super cool and comfy MailChimp t-shirts!