Aug 25, 2010

SXSW 2011 Panel Voting

sxsw-panel-pickerVoting is underway for SXSW 2011 panels, and this blog post is a shameless plug to drum up support for our MailChimp guys and gals who need your votes. Since SXSW is a community-driven event, the staff and organizers rely on community input to help gauge sentiment for the panels they’ll ultimately select. That being said, I’ll give a quick run down of MailChimpsters who’ve submitted panels, and link directly to where you can give them your thumb’s up.

Death of the Demo; Rise of the Branded Tutorial

First up, Josh Rosenbaum, video dude extraordinaire! If you’ve ever watched a MailChimp tutorial or promotional video and LOL’d, Josh is the man to thank. His presentation, Death Of The Demo; Rise Of The Branded Tutorial, promises to be equally rockin’.

The day of the 40-minute-long, boring video demo is over. Short, entertaining video tutorials are winning the attention and appreciation of a socially networked audience eager to pass along a link to something they find entertaining and useful. Smart brands are realizing the opportunity to create and use video tutorials as purveyors of brand culture.

You can read more and give Josh your nod of approval here.

When designer meets xcode

Stephen Martin, Mobile UX guy here at MailChimp, will be presenting a pragmatic panel for designers who are navigating the waters of developing their first iOS app. This will be a great panel for both designers and app developers, as Stephen has been in the trenches on several iPhone and iPad apps at MailChimp and beyond. Oh yeah, and he also invented this neat little tool called App Sketchbook, which allows you to quickly put your app ideas down on paper.

Give Stephen the thumb’s up here.

The Beautiful Web

Jason Beaird is MailChimp’s resident designeloper, which means he does designerly things as well as developerly things. Jason’s panel, The Beautiful Web, will explore the constant push-pull between academic design theory and artistic expression, with salient points for designers and developers alike.

Vote for Jason and a more beautiful web here.

More Than A Feeling: Designing For Emotion

Aarron Walter, Chief User Experience guru at MailChimp, along with Stephen Anderson (Mental Notes) and Tim Van Damme (frequent Gowalla freelancer), bring you More Than A Feeling: Designing For Emotion.

When we design for emotional engagement, we create a powerful bond with our audience that makes them devoted fans and vocal evangelists. No chef would be happy making food that’s just “palatable.” So why do we aim for merely usable sites?

Sound interesting? Give Aarron the thumb’s up here.

Friends With Business Benefits: How Integrations Sell Apps

Join us as MailChimp, Google, FreshBooks, Formstack and BatchBlue Software, all members of The Small Business Web, talk about working together, open APIs and the business value of app integrations.

We’d love to have your vote!

Oh, and we’ve listed all our panels in one handy place, here.