Jun 30, 2009

Surveymonkey’s new “create chart” feature

Whoah, I just noticed a new feature in SurveyMonkey. Thought I’d share it with everyone else out there, in case you didn’t see their announcement.

A little while ago, we posted a survey link to Facebook, Twitter, and The Jungle. I was looking at the data today, and noticed a new "create chart" link:


I actually jumped in my seat a little from excitement. I mean, normally I’d have to download the data to Excel (and I never do pick the correct export options) then generate my own charts. But now, they’ve gone and made it a single-click link. Woo-hoo!

The funny thing is a simple "create chart" was enough to get me excited. But they actually let you choose the type of chart you want (bar chart, line chart, etc). And you can download the image as a PNG (makes it much easier to email to someone). Super big thank you to the surveymonkey guys. Here’s what the chart looks like: