May 4, 2011

SurveyGizmo 360

MailChimp integrates with a number of different services that allow you to send surveys via email, and SurveyGizmo is one that we like a lot. They make it easy for noobs to get started but also provide an extremely robust feature set for power users. (Kinda like MailChimp.)

surveygizmo dashboard

If you’re familiar with our other "360" integrations (as in degrees, full circle)– like Analytics360 or Ecommerce360— you’ll know that we refer to them as such because your email leaves MailChimp, does a little data mingling with another service or services, and then that data ultimately gets pulled back into our application. Truth in advertising!

Our SurveyGizmo 360 integration follows the same scheme. When you send out an email containing a specially generated SurveyGizmo link and your subscribers answer your questionnaire, that data gets pulled back into your MailChimp Reports. While not as visually appealing or robust as SurveyGizmo’s built in reporting features, it will allow you to view responses at a glance.

generate a special surveygizmo link for mailchimp

In order to create the special link for your MailChimp campaign, click on the "Publish" tab of your launched survey and then click the "MailChimp Campaign" button. When the dialog box appears, be sure to select "Display MailChimp Subscriber Info" and then click the "save" button. This will ensure that your subscribers’ names are matched up with their survey responses in your MailChimp reports.

Once you click "save" you’ll end up back on the "Publish" tab. You’ll see a new MailChimp listing with it’s own custom URL under "Existing Links/Campaigns", and that’s the link to your survey you’ll use in your MailChimp campaign.

specially generated MailChimp campaign link

Now jumping back over to MailChimp, you’ll find your survey responses under Reports ==> Advanced Reports. Your question(s) will be pulled in as column headers, and that’s really helpful when you’ve got a meaty survey with lots of questions to keep track of. You’ll also be able to see a time stamp associated with each response, and the subscriber’s name (assuming you have that option selected when you create your special SurveyGizmo link). When you elect to keep subscriber info anonymous, you’ll see IP addresses instead. Be sure to click on the image below for a larger view.

advanced reports

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