Oct 17, 2011

Straker Translations lets you send MailChimp campaigns with International Flavor

If you or your business is looking to take your email campaigns International (we sure are trying!), there’s a good chance you are going to need to do that in a different language. Accordingly, MailChimp has a new integration with Straker Translations. This semi-automated translation service lets you translate your campaigns into pretty much any language you could want (they do over 140).

Straker uses a hybrid (machine/human combination) translation approach, which gives the translations a more human touch, but it’s fast! The rates are standard for the 20 or so most common languages of commerce, with some modified pricing for the more esoteric. For example, Arabic, Spanish, and French are standard, Burmese is nonstandard.

All you need to do to start is sign up for an account. After you input your MailChimp API Key, you’ll be able to see all of your campaign drafts within the Straker Dashboard, and you can quickly get a quote.

Choose your base language, along with your target language(s) and type of translation.

You then get a window to finalize your translation request, view the price, and make any special notes on who the campaign is targeting or notes on the tone (at MailChimp we always use the informal "tu" form when doing Spanish translations).

After submitting you’ll wait for notification as to when your translation is finished. According to Straker, the average turnaround time for newsletter to go from English to Spanish is 35 minutes, so it’s not a long time but it would be wise to plan ahead.

Once it’s done you can review it within Straker, decide to accept or dispute the translation, and then create a MailChimp Campaign to have a copy of it appear as a new draft within your MailChimp Dashboard.

We hope this makes it easy for you to reach customers all around the world!

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