Mar 11, 2009

St.Patricks Day Email Templates

If you’re looking for some great St.Patricks Day HTML email templates, MailChimp can help. We’ve just uploaded a handful of St. Patricks Day header images:


If you’re not sure how to build a template using MailChimp’s built-in template builder, here’s how it’s done…

Update: There’s a video tutorial for building campaigns over at the MailChimp Academy

Let’s go to "My templates:"


Pick a layout. At first, our layouts seem really plain. But that’s because they’re super modular and can be customized just about any way you want.

I’ll pick the "Basic" layout for now:


On the next screen, look for the slot where your header image would go. That’s where you can upload your own logo, or use one of our free headers. Select "design header:"


MailChimp’s header graphics library will pop-up.

You can browse the different industries and holidays and categories to find one that suits you. I’m going to St.Patrick’s:


You’ll pick a header, and then type a title and subtitle:


Now that the header graphic is done, you can customize your template’s background colors so that it all blends together.

But that takes time, and you’ve got leprechauns to hunt and green beer to drink.

So just go for one of our color palettes:


I chose the "general" category for colors, then scrolled down for a color palette that matches the header.



At this point, all I have to do is tweak my templates font styles, under the "Body" tab of the template designer.

What if you already have an HTML email newsletter template, and you just want to take your corporate header and "Irish it up a little"?

Open up your saved email template, and let’s go ahead and save it as a totally new "St Pattys" day email template. That way, we don’t overwrite our "official" template:


Next, hit "edit" on the header:


On the next screen, pick the picnik button. Picnik is a simple little browser-based graphics editor (like Photoshop, but in your browser). MailChimp’s header designer is integrated with Picnik:


When picknik loads, go to the "create" tab, and pick the St.Patricks Day stickers o the left. Drag and drop them onto your corporate header graphic:


Okay, I got a little silly with all this, but hopefully I inspired you to at least try Picnik. It’s got some very cool filters, cropping, resizing, and editing tools. It’s worth a look.

When you’re done picnik’ing, hit the big gold "save and return to MailChimp" button:


And the picnik-ified header graphic is plopped back into MailChimp:


Now go make some beautiful emails!