Jul 26, 2011

Special-topic Webinars at MailChimp

Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday the MailChimp Webinar Team hosts Getting Started With MailChimp webinars live at 11am and 4pm EST. On Wednesdays, we dive deeper into the many integrations and features of MailChimp with special-topic webinars. These are also hosted live at 11am and 4pm EST.

Special-topic presentations focus on specific industries like photography, non-profits and music. We spotlight integrations with Eventbrite, WordPress and e-commerce plugins, and we go into depth about automagical features like autoresponders and merge tags.

We thought you might like to know how we write our scripts and create our special-topic webinars.

How we gather information

For industry-specific webinars, we talk to MailChimp users in that particular field. Those conversations give us valuable, real-world insights on which features to include in our webinars. Asking how pros in different industries use MailChimp yields different perspectives on the app. Seeing someone’s email marketing workflow can be an illuminating experience, and these conversations reinforce our presentations.

In preparation for the MailChimp For Photographers webinar, we talked to Atlanta Photographer Tyler Ward of TwoShot Photography. Tyler, who just so happens to work at MailChimp, gave us some great insight into how photographers use MailChimp. He explained how he uses dynamic merge tags to send specific content in his e-mail campaigns, and how he uses Google Analytics in his campaigns to see his campaign to website traffic.

We also glean industry information from tweets. Through Twitter, we’ve found industry experts that lead us to tips, tricks, and even great infographics like this one, which we used for a recent e-commerce webinar.

Our workflow

We write our own scripts for the webinars we host. We take turns creating the outlines for presentations, that way we all become experts.

When the outline is tight we head into The Whisper Room. We record each of our special-topic webinars using ScreenFlow. When the recording is finished we hand it over to the VideoLab. The VideoLab polishes each recording adding an intro, rhythm and zooms and other effects. After post production is complete the recordings are available on our recordings page. http://mailchimp.com/support/webinar-recordings/

Join us

Once you’ve graduated from the basics of Getting Started with MailChimp, check out our special-topic sessions on Wednesdays. These sessions are designed to get you swinging through the jungle with ease. Upcoming topics include Autoresponders, Merge Tags For Beginners, Creating Campaigns That Match Your Brand, E-commerce And Retail With MailChimp, and Segmenting Your List And Sending Relevant Content. We’re always updating the schedule, so check back often for new courses.

We welcome your suggestions on webinars that you’d like to attend. Send your ideas to webinar@mailchimp.com.

View the schedule and sign up for our free online training. http://mailchimp.com/support/online-training/