May 16, 2006

Spam complaints: tips for avoiding them

I know we’ve talked about the "this is spam" button (A LOT) in the past, and we’ve posted tips on how to avoid spam complaints with your campaigns.

But here’s a fresh new article over at Clickz on the topic (found via Their gist is that it’s not the ISP’s fault if a recipient reports your campaign as spam. You probably could have prevented it yourself. The article lists some tactics you can use to avoid such complaints.

I liked their idea of merging the recipient’s email address into your subscriber-info area (all that disclaimer information in the footer). That way, if your recipient clicks to unsubscribe, he’ll know which address is being removed (prevents complaints if he has another address on your list). In MailChimp, you would use *|MERGE0|* to merge email address into your campaigns: "You are subscribed to our list as *|MERGE0|*. If you no longer wish to receive our emails, you may unsubscribe here."