Sep 22, 2010

Social Profiles Demand kinda high right now

An update. When we first launched our Social Profiles add-on in July, we were excited about how many social queries it was getting (one "query" is basically a request to our data provider to receive social information about a subscriber, such as their twitter handle, avatar, facebook profile, etc). During our first couple days, we were hovering at just under a million queries per day. Yay, right?

Then we launched v5.3 last week, and introduced a promotion where we’re making Social Pro free until March 2011. We also extended Social Pro’s functionality to create MailChimp Faces. So how are people liking it?


On launch day, we got just under 6 million queries. Yay. The following day we spiked at just under 7 million. Gulp.

Things slowed down enough over the weekend to give us a little breathing room, but picked up again on Monday. We want you to know that all this time, we’ve been optimizing things to better handle the load. On Monday, we had to throttle down our Faces feature a little, because it was getting used a little too much (it is addictive).

Things are already a lot more stable than last week (again, sorry about all that), plus we’re still tweaking and load balancing and adjusting things as we speak. On the one hand, we’re proud to see so many customers activating our social features. On the other hand, we’re concerned and laser-focused on optimizing our infrastructure to handle all the demand.

We’re even calling on higher powers, and have been receiving good signs.

Update: We’ve been getting questions about how much SocialPro will cost after March 2011, when this promotion ends. In short, it’s basically an extra 20% of the cost of whatever list you’re adding it to. Usually a few bucks, per month, but it depends on the size of your list. Here’s some pricing details.