May 22, 2012

Social Plugin for WordPress Updated

Social, the WordPress plugin we created with the fine folks at CrowdFavorite, has just gotten an update that introduces some new features, improved performance, and a few bug fixes. You might recall that it’s a great way to connect the conversations that are happening on Facebook and Twitter about your WordPress content. Social aggregates comments onto your blog, and helps you broadcast to social channels when you publish.

Social comments in WordPress

We knocked out a lot of the things on our to-do list. Here’s a brief synopsis of what’s new:

The coolest part of this update is that Social now functions as a platform for other social WordPress plugins. You can choose to disable any features that you don’t want on your site and just use the connections to social networks. Expect a new release of Twitter Tools, built on Social, very soon.

About Google+

We’ve heard a lot of requests for a Google+ integration, but unfortunatly there’s still no official API available. We have a hunch that it’s not far off. When it is released, it’ll be top on our to-do list.

Fork It

If you like Social, but wish it had new features, or worked with some specific themes, please fork our GitHub repo and hack to your heart’s content. This project is open source and just waiting for your contributions.


To learn more about how to install and customize Social, take a look at our detailed read me file.

Download Social for WordPress


Alex King, the coding mastermind behind Social and Crowd Favorite, has a super detailed post about the Social 2.5 update on his blog.