Nov 22, 2010

Sneaky Tip: Use IF:ARCHIVE to Hide Content

You’ve probably noticed the "view this in your browser" link we include in our templates to take your subscribers to the online archive of your newsletters.


It’s pretty handy in case people can’t view the correct version of the email in their email clients, but have you ever wished you could hide that link when people actually go to the archive page? Or, have you been hoping for a way to change the text to some other content instead?

Well, with our dynamic merge tag: *| IF:ARCHIVE |*, you can!

Here’s how.

Let’s say that you want the "view this in your browser" link to appear in all emails, but when people click to view in their browser, you want to replace that link with some other promotion that’s going on at your website.

In the source code, you could edit the header bar to something like this:



If you like these special deals, check out our "On Sale" page at!

*| ELSE: |*

< a href="*| ARCHIVE |*">Email looking funky? view this in your browser</a >

*| END:IF |*

Your email would look like this:


And people viewing your campaign archive page would see this:


If you just want to hide the archive link instead of replacing it with other text, you can use this bit of code:

*| IFNOT:ARCHIVE_PAGE |* < a href="*| ARCHIVE |*" >view this in your browser</a >*| END:IF |*

The "view this in your browser" link will disappear on the archive version of your campaign.

Nerd Alert:

Did you know you can publish newsletters to MailChimp straight from your website’s CMS? Ok, maybe you did. You seem pretty "with it." How about this:  You can create email specific stylesheets that hide or display content in emails. Pretty (nerdy) cool!

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