Jan 5, 2012

Smile Software’s Helpful Autoresponders

Mac and iOS software company Smile started out as SmileOnMyMac LLC in 2003, creating useful products for faxing (PageSender), CD/DVD packaging design (DiscLabel), and PDF editing (PDFpen). In 2006, the company’s two founders, Greg and Philip, were joined by a marketer named Jean (she became a partner a few years later), and a typing shortcut utility, TextExpander, which was acquired by the company. After expanding its business to include iPhones, iPod touches and iPads, SmileOnMyMac became Smile in 2010.

Smile’s been using MailChimp’s autoresponders for its tip series since early 2006. These tips remind users that they downloaded software, but also help them get to work using it quickly. "A lot of times, people download software and forget about it," Jean told us in our recent feature case study. The tips help alleviate forgetfulness, as well as the frustrating learning curve that sometimes accompanies new software.

Jean says the folks receiving these tips often end up being the most engaged customers on Smile’s lists. In fact, after sending an offer for the PDFpen 5 release, the list receiving it responded three times better than usual. But you don’t have to take Jean’s word for it. She receives enthusiastic responses like this one from Smile customers on the regular: "The emailed tips are welcome. They are interesting and useful, and they give the impression that you care—even to a cynic like me!"