Apr 10, 2006

Smarter segmenting leads to better response and fewer bounces

Interesting article about how custom-tailored messages and segmented lists get better results, fewer bounces,  and fewer "false positives" from spam filters. Their point is that "just blasting out to a gigantic newsletter list" is for newbies. You need to ‘get scientific’ with your list…

"A case in point is HP’s "Technology at Work" newsletter program…HP uses e-mail response data and Web site data to track direct-through e-mail sales, support and reader preferences."

You could use MailChimp to setup a simple newsletter list for your company. Yeah, we’ll manage all the unsubs and bounces and stuff. Easy.

But you can do so much more. Use MailChimp’s "Externally Managed List" functionality with your CRM, and send very focused campaigns, invitations, and promotions to your key customers. Use MailChimp’s "Merge Tags" to personalize the content. And with our new "AIM Reports Add-On, you can find out who’s most interested in your emails: who’s opening, what they’re clicking, how often, who’s not clicking, and more.

More information about our AIM Reports add-on…