Dec 15, 2008

Cool packing idea for internet retailers

One thing we like to do at MailChimp is buy stuff from our customers. We buy t-shirts, art, candy, coffee, food — anything we can to support our small business users. It also reminds our team of "who we’re serving." Nah, it’s just cool free stuff for everybody. :-)

Being a car nut, I recently purchased a 1953 Corvette Autoart replica from MailChimp user ZIp-Parts (who we just showcased here).

When I opened up my box, I noticed they packed it with old newspaper. More specifically, the car classifieds section. Nice detail for a car nut. And you bet I actually read what’s for sale in Mechanicsville, VA.

If you sell sporting goods online, why not pack it with your local newspaper sports section? Sports fanatics would probably love reading about your local high school football standings. Sell comics? Use the funnies. Sell collectibles? Use the classifieds.