Jan 7, 2008

Showcase: Using LinkedIn with HTML Email

Here’s a cool HTML email from MailChimp user Stefan Pinto. Stefan is a freelance web developer (and actor and writer) who sends HTML emails for his clients, and also occasionally uses MailChimp to send his resume.

The LinkedIn button at the top of his email is a brilliant idea for an HTML email resume. Great way to get someone to view your credentials, recommendations, and to add them to your network for later contact. It’s also a great way for a potential employer to see if you know anyone in common (referrals are pretty much the only way to get hired as a freelancer).

Using LinkedIn with HTML email resume

(Click for full screenshot)

Read Stefan’s article: Building a Successful Business as a Freelancer for some quick freelancing tips.

MailChimp customers: Got a cool email for our showcase? Here’s how to submit it.