Aug 1, 2005

Showcase: TOKY Branding + Design

Toky_centroTOKY Branding + Design sent this elegantly simple email campaign for Centro Modern Furnishings. The nice layout and bold design makes us want to actually visit the store to hunt for those little "sale" price tags.

We especially like the helpful "Can’t see the images?" text at the top of the email. We’ve been recommending links at the tops of emails a lot lately (see some examples). Kudos for the simple, straightforward opt-out instructions, and for keeping it legit and compliant by including the client’s mailing address.

Another nice touch is that they could have made this email one gigantic graphic, but they actually sliced it up and included HTML text for the sale copy. Including a little bit of text is a good idea, because some of the spam filters think graphics-only messages are the work of lazy, clueless spammers.

But wait, there’s more. If you click the email link, it takes you to a landing page for the sale, featuring the cute little price tag—this time, in a flash animation (click here for our archived version). Nice job all around TOKY!