Apr 15, 2006

Showcase: HoveringObject.com

Being an email marketing tool for "design-it-yourselfers" has its perks.

Mainly, it attracts a lot of very cool customers. One of our favorite examples is HoveringObject.com.

By day, Mark Brabant is a self-employed graphic designer. By night, he sells t-shirts and screenprinted serigraphs that "deal with the paranormal in a tasteful, serious way." His "crop circle" t-shirts are pretty darn cool, and those posters of the hovering dog and cow are great (we’re ordering some for our office here at The Rocket Science Group).

HoveringObject’s Email Newsletter

Mark uses MailChimp to send email newsletters to his customers and friends whenever he has new work posted in his gallery. Here’s an example of one of his emails.

It’s yet another nice example of a modification to one of our free HTML email templates.

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