May 25, 2007

Shoebox Greetings Blog (A tiny little division of Hallmark)

When we were kids, my sister and I used to make greeting cards. Not the crappy glue and glitter kind, mind you. Ours were pop-up cards. They had moving parts. She’d draw all the pictures, cut out the parts, color the cards, and assemble the pieces. I’d sit on the floor and watch her work. We made a good team.

I later went on to  co-create, an online greeting cards website (the technology eventually became the engine behind earlier versions of MailChimp).

My sister, on the other hand, went on to become an editor at some little company called "Hallmark cards." Poor girl. She just didn’t have the drive to follow her dreams, I guess.

Anyways, she just pointed me to their new Shoebox Greetings blog.

If you want a nice example of a "corporate" marketing blog with personality, here you go. If they can keep it up, it’s going to be a great blog.

When she was just an intern at this "Hall-Mark" startup, I remember my sister used to bring home a secret, underground newsletter that the Hallmark creatives distributed around the office. It had all kinds of crazy, almost-demented stuff (I said "almost" so as not to offend any people there—but just between you and me, those people can be pretty friggin’ demented) that the artists would draw. You could tell they were venting their frustrations after designing happy-fluffy-cutesy cards all day. It was really an awesome newsletter. Now that she’s been there a while, she of course denies its existence.

But they do post some of their rejected cards under the "Funny, But No" section of the blog. They’re hilarious. There’s a book full of those rejected cards too.