Jun 2, 2011

Sharing the UX Love

Not everyone has time in their day to stop and watch usability tests, but we’ve found a couple of ways to share the UX Love in quick bits and pieces.

Our User Experience team hosted a pizza and usability test viewing party to help people find the time to check out a couple of videos. Lots of folks from all our departments (even The HR!) stopped in to nom some pizza and watch our users succeed and struggle with the app. Watching the videos collectively is like seeing live music with hundreds of your friends. We could all put on our headphones and check out the videos ourselves, but sharing the experience can be inspirational.

Pizza Noms and Video Watching!

Immediately after the party we gathered as a team and started brainstorming solutions for a couple of the struggles we saw. Support started gathering help tickets for common issues. The webinar team sprung into action to help us recruit more users for future tests. Go team Chimp.

You Can Also Use Vimeo to Share

Another way to share your usability tests is to upload all your videos to a site like Vimeo. You can keep your tests password-protected or if you don’t mind having your videos public you can set up an RSS to email campaign in MailChimp with your Vimeo RSS feed. This will automatically send your videos to your UX team, or whoever wants to watch them, as soon as they are uploaded.

You can also create a transcript for each video in the "Description" field which will appear below the video display.

Vimeo Description Field

The transcript allows different departments to quickly scan to see if there are any slip ups or praises for their group and helps them address any issues right away without having to watch the entire video. You can also reference the video when posting problems to your dev team, with a time stamp included, so they can see problems happen for real.
Vimeo Transcript
Use the format 0:00 and you’ll get a clickable time stamp. You can also add links in the transcript if you need to reference certain pages in your site.

Continued Participation

After watching your usability videos, people throughout your company will have a much better idea of what you’re doing, how you’re making lives easier, and what you’re looking for when recruiting test participants. Your co-workers may even have friends who are using your service and might be willing be a test participant.

If you’d like to participate in a future study with MailChimp, let us know!