Aug 16, 2011

Share on Tumblr Merge Tag For Your Emails

In MailChimp v6.2, we’ve added a couple new socialish/sharing merge tags to the arsenal. The first allows you to share a link to your email campaign on your Tumblr blog.

adding the tumblr share merge tag to your content

Just add


to the body text of your campaign, and you’ll see the little Tumblr icon appear.

tumblr merge tag in campaign

Then, when a subscriber clicks on the icon in your email, they’ll be taken to a web archive version of the campaign. Clicking the icon again brings up the share dialog.

share on tumblr pop-up

Then just as you would share any other content (like a link or image) from the Tumblr bookmarklet or web interface, you’ll have the option of editing the name (the default is your campaign’s subject line) and link description.

post the link to tumblr

There are a few options to further customize the URL or title that you’re sharing.


The optional variable $url= specifies the URL shared. If not specified, links to your campaign archive.

*|TUMBLR:SHARE[$title=title of my post]|*

The optional variable $title=title of my post specifies the title of the page being shared. If not specified, uses the subject line of your campaign.

And to enable Tumblr sharing for individual items in your RSS feed, just use the following:


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