Apr 14, 2009

Sending Welcome Emails With MailChimp

Ever since we launched MailChimp’s autoresponders, we’ve received a lot of good feedback from customers. We really just intended to build an easy way for you to send a nice sequence of tips to new subscribers, but it’s turning into the fastest-uptake campaign-type we’ve ever built.

Anyway, one weird thing about this is that some customers are telling us, "Cool, now I can send customized welcome emails when people subscribe to my list."

That’s something you could always do with MailChimp (see: Personalize Welcome Emails With Custom Offers). You can customize your welcome emails to look any way you want. You can translate them to over 30 different languages. We highly recommend you insert the *| LIST:RECENT |* merge tag into them, so that new subscribers see a list of your most recent campaigns. Here’s a nice tutorial on customizing your welcome emails.