Oct 30, 2009

Sending GoToWebinar Invitations Easier With MailChimp

gotomeeting-logoIf you use GoToMeeting to host webinars, we just made it one-click-easy to send invitations to your MailChimp subscribers.

We’re really excited about this one, because it’s our first integration-via-bookmarklet we’ve ever tried.

1. Installing your bookmarklet

Log in to MailChimp,click on the Account button, and go to the Integrations Panel (marvel at all the integrations):


Whoah, that's a lot. Go to mailchimp.com/extras to see even more integrations with MailChimp

At the bottom, you’ll see "GoToMeeting." Expand it, and you’ll see a link to a bookmarklet.

Drag the bookmarklet into your browser's bookmarks bar

Drag the bookmarklet into your browser's bookmarks bar

Drag that link into your browser’s bookmarks bar:


Ok, now you’ve got our bookmarklet installed.

2. Passing webinars over to MailChimp

Next time you’re logged in to your GoToWebinar account, go to the "My Webinars" page:


and then click that Bookmarklet you just installed in your browser.

That’ll grab the list of webinars on this page, and pass them over to MailChimp.

If you have multiple webinars, we’ll ask you to pick one:


Then we’ll open up a special GoToWebinar template in MailChimp (note that this template is actually hidden and inaccessible from our template options, unless you specifically pass GoToMeeting data via the bookmarklet) with your links ready to go:


While you’re here, you might want to edit the email design a little.

Maybe you can pick a different color palette, or use our iStockphoto integration to find some good pictures.

Hmm, think I’ll change the title of the event to "MailChimp Secrets" and search for "whispering monkeys" (get it? secrets?):


and insert the image into your invitation:

Because EVERYTHING is better with monkeys

Because EVERYTHING is better with monkeys

Or you might even want to switch the template to one of your own saved versions. Click the "change template" link:


and we’ll stick the GoToWebinar content into one of your saved template designs like this:


Important note for template designers: MailChimp looks for a content section in your template called "main." All of MailChimp’s default templates have this. But if you’re an advanced coder who’s using the MailChimp Template Design Language to build your own templates, you’ll need to have an editable content region called "main" in order to pass GoToWebinar data here.

Here’s a quick YouTube video on how to do all this: