Feb 3, 2009

Send Eventbrite Updates Automatically With MailChimp

We love Eventbrite. Here’s a handy tip for linking it to MailChimp.

If you use Eventbrite to handle your company’s online events registration and ticketing, you’ll get your own "Event Page," where all your upcoming events are listed. It’s nice.

In the bottom-right corner of that events page, there’s an RSS link to "subscribe to receive notifications:"

You can grab that RSS feed, and build an RSS-to-email campaign in MailChimp. That way, whenever your EventBrite page is updated with new events, MailChimp will automatically send an email update to your subscribers. Now, MailChimp checks for updates to RSS feeds around 3am ET. So long as your events aren’t extremely urgent (down to the minute), this is a pretty handy little bit of automation.

There are tons of other RSS-driven calendars and events sites out there where you can do the same thing. If you see a little RSS icon like this: chances are, you can turn it into an automatic RSS-to-email  campaign in MailChimp (here’s a tutorial on RSS email campaigns). Eep eep!