Apr 3, 2009

Autoresponder idea – belated birthday greetings

A lot of people asked us for automated birthday reminders in MailChimp, so we added it in v4.1. So you can schedule an autoresponder campaign to send an email just before their birthday, or on the day of.

But if you think about it, they’ll probably be getting tons of birthday emails already.

Why not schedule a belated birthday greeting instead? They won’t be expecting that.

Schedule an autoresponder to go out 2 days (or more) after their birthday.


Design a "whoops, we’re sorry" email with a promo code or special offer to make it up to them:


To add a little humor, you might insert a photo of your staff slapping themselves on their foreheads like they really forgot:


This approach actually gets around one ugly problem: what if the email doesn’t get there on time? I mean, we deliver pretty fast and all, but you never know if your recipient’s inbox is full, or if their ISP is backlogged. If your email shows up one day late, and it says, "Happy Birthday" it kinda makes you look–well, like that lady in the picture.

Might as well add some padding and call it a belated birthday greeting instead.