Oct 26, 2007

Send Automatic Birthday Emails


UPDATE: This article is totally outdated. Don’t read it. Definitely don’t follow its advice. Just use our new autoresponder feature instead. Much easier. Thanks.

Some of our customers (especially restaurants) have asked us to build some kind of "automatic birthday campaign" tool in MailChimp.

The idea is to automatically send a "Happy Birthday" email campaign to everyone with a birthday this month. The email campaign would have some kind of e-coupon, or special offer of some sort.

Hmm, we probably will add this to our list of features soon.

But for now, you can actually use our new list segmentation functionality to do this. We’ve posted a how-to article over at MailChimp.

If you’re one of our web design customers managing the email marketing for a local restaurant or hotel or nightclub client, you might propose this as a new project for them.

Read the how-to article