Mar 11, 2014

Segmentation Improvements in v9.0

After our recent update to Goal, we received tons of feedback from power senders who wanted to use it in conjunction with more advanced segmentation options. As a result of those conversations, we’ve added several new segmentation features in v9.0. In addition to segmenting by clicks and opens, you can find subscribers who have or haven’t been sent a particular campaign. You can also search merge fields for blanks to help discover subscribers that are missing data. And eCommerce360 has been vastly improved. Strap on your data hat as we explore each of these in depth.

Subscriber activity: was sent/was not sent

Now you can segment subscribers based on whether or not they’ve received a campaign.  The was sent/was not sent options are under Campaign Activity, and can be used for an individual campaign or a collection of them. Previously, we only offered segmenting options for recent campaigns, but now you can also search for subscribers who have been sent an email in the past 5, 10, 20, or 50 campaigns. The dates are annotated on the field to help determine the timeframes of your sent campaigns.


Our UX team has heard from a lot of customers who test content and subject lines in their emails. They send one campaign to a small segment, look at the open and click rates, send another campaign with tweaks, then send still more campaigns with additional tweaks—all the while wishing they could segment by who did not receive an email to avoid sending more than one test to a customer. Ugh! Just typing that sentence was exhausting, let alone the actual work associated with the process. Point being, these folks go beyond A/B testing—they’re multi-variant testing. And this segmenting update makes things much easier for them.

Merge fields: is blank/is not blank

Now you can search for what’s missing in your list with our new is blank/is not blank option. This was a big request from a lot of our users. Populating merge fields through a signup form or list import can often lead to empty or missing data about your subscribers. Maybe you’re missing some physical addresses or Twitter handles. This should help fill in those blanks. Once you find these users, you can segment them from your main list, send them a specific email asking them to take action on the blank field, and presto! No more blank fields.


New eCommerce360 statistics

We’ve added a slew of subscriber aggregate stats to help online sellers parse through their e-commerce data. These new stats include total orders, total products purchased, average number of products per order, and average spent per order. These new options allow online sellers a little more specificity when it comes to learning about their customers and what they like to buy.


Moving forward

For v9.0, we refactored our segmentation architecture from the ground up. This allowed us to fix bugs, improve performance, and add long-requested features as described above. With these tasks complete, we’re ready to move forward with even more intricate and powerful targeting in the near future.