Jul 13, 2010

See what email programs your subscribers use with user-agent stats

Ever wonder what email programs your subscribers use? Ever wonder what percentage of your list check your emails from mobile devices? Do you wonder if you spend way too much time (or not enough) coding your HTML emails to be compatible with older versions of Outlook? We just added user-agent stats to MailChimp, so now you can just know:

Know what email apps your subscribers use

Know what email apps your subscribers use

Mobile vs. Desktop Readers

It even breaks down mobile vs. desktop clients, and shows you which mobile platforms subscribers are using:


and if you drill down to a member’s profile page, we’ll show you their most-often used email client:


So if you’ve got some big important influential VIP on your list, and you’re wondering if your email will render nicely for him, use our Inbox Inspector tool to see how it displays in his email client. If you want to make sure it gets past major ISP spam filters, check the email with our built-in Delivery Doctor, too.

Many thanks to the open source project: http://user-agent-string.info/ for providing a lot of the display data and icons for this feature!

Update: Forgot to mention the stats will be populated to your account on a "moving forward" basis. No retroactive stats. You may see some stats in your account already, even though you haven’t sent a campaign yet — those are from people opening your past campaigns.