Jul 14, 2010

Search your list by twitter handle

If you have our SocialPro add-on enabled for a list, you can now search for subscribers by twitter handle.

So if you see a tweet from a @dkurzius, and you’re wondering if he’s a subscriber, just open up your list in MailChimp, and search for that twitter handle:


Then, after you get to the member’s profile, you can check their twitter or facebook hover card to verify it’s the same person:


While you’re checking out the all-new MailChimp profile page, you may even see that they have a high influence rating, too:


Then maybe you should make a note of it in your CRM (check out Batchbook, Bantam Live, and the other CRMs who integrate with MailChimp).

Notice, under their gravatar, we’ve placed a Google map of the subscriber’s approximate geolocation.

Real Time Customer Service

Anyway, searching your list by twitter handle can be extremely handy if you manage your customer list in MailChimp, and you see a tweet or DM like this:


You can pull up MailChimp, enter their twitter handle, and get the member’s profile information.

Then, try your darndest to turn that frown upside down. Maybe send him some flowers. Or if he fancies himself a social media superstar, send him this t-shirt.

They say the line is blurring between your social media marketing and your customer service departments. Wish I could remember where I got that quote. But companies like Zendesk (who also integrate with MailChimp) are now unveiling features that turn tweets into help tickets. That feature in Zendesk makes me wish we used them at MailChimp.

Anyhoo. Like I said earlier, we’re just scratching the surface with all this social integration. Once you start weaving in the social graph, tiny features like "search for member" become extremely powerful tools for your company.