Jul 15, 2013

Search and Other Updates in v8.5

With this week’s release, we’ve made our search more contextual, so you can search across your MailChimp account or within specific lists. Now, you can click the search icon within any list to get results for just that list. If you want to go global from there, use the dropdown on your results screen to search across campaigns or across your entire account.


When we redesigned MailChimp, one of our priorities was building a useful, global search to replace the simple knowledge base search we used to have in the app. We made our in-app search much more extensive, and put a link in the left-hand navigation so people could search across their account from anywhere in the app.


We got a lot of feedback about changing the search options in New MailChimp, and we understand the frustration. For some people, it wasn’t clear enough that the main search option would return account-wide results, and they thought we had taken away the list search and left the KB search alone. That would be quite a disappointment!

And it turns out, a lot of you concentrate your searches on particular lists. That makes sense—maybe you keep track of certain subscribers and look them up by name or email address. Though the global search would return those results for you, it wasn’t specific to your list, and it wasn’t in the same place we left it. We learned our lesson, and we refined our search to meet more people’s needs.

The fancy global search isn’t going anywhere, but we added a search option back to individual list pages so you can have quick access to list-based searches. And since it’s based on our new global search, you can easily expand your results to the rest of your lists and campaigns. We think it’s the best of both worlds, and we hope you like the update.



We made a few other updates with this week’s release, too. Here are the highlights:

RSS campaign organization

When you click an active RSS campaign, you can view the sending and RSS details. Using the new menu, you can also click "Sent Campaigns" to see the child sends of this parent RSS campaign.


Information density

We heard from you that certain screens weren’t displaying information efficiently on desktop computers. We removed some of the extra padding in the tables on lists, campaigns and autoresponders, so you can see more data at one time. Here’s a before and after:

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 2.15.13 PM

Campaign overview menu

When you click to view a campaign overview, you’ll now see a handy new menu to toggle what kind of campaign info you’re viewing there.


List info for sent campaigns

If you missed seeing which list an email was sent to on the campaigns page, you can now find it below the send date/time.


Sort by column headings

Did you know you can sort your list view by clicking on a column heading? We’ve added little arrows to the column headings, so you can see which field the list is sorted by—arranged either first to last or last to first—by clicking the heading a second time.


Like our other releases, these changes are rolling out slowly to our data centers over the next several days, so you should see the updates in your account sometime this week. That covers the latest round of updates, but we’ll continue to tweak the app and refine features based on your feedback. Our work is never done!