Jan 29, 2007

Scientific Proof: Comic Sans Sucks for Email

Just before we launched our HTML email designer back in November, Mark (our main engineer) walked over to my desk and asked me, "So, um—should we include the option for the Comic Sans font in our WYSIWYG editor?"

I confess, my initial reaction was "#&*@ No!"

But then I remembered how a fellow designer once accused me of being a "font-nazi" (I only allowed for arial, helvetica, times, and franklin gothic on my computer) and he recommended I read Stop Stealing Sheep. It opened up my mind (a little) and I came to accept diversity in my font folder.

So I told Mark to just include it. "Who knows, there might be some rare situation where someone needs that font" I said. Maybe that was a mistake.

Matt Haughey just posted a link to "The Effect of Typeface on the Perception of Email" which is scientific "proof" that comic sans is not seen as very appropriate for business email.

But wait, I know of at least 2 MailChimp customers who run comic book stores! I checked their email templates to see if they use Comic Sans. Nope. Even comic book fans seem to know that Comic Sans is a crappy font.

Oh well. No love for Comic Sans.