Jun 8, 2005

Safari WYSIWYG Support


Update: Goodness! In just a few days the fundable project reached its goal, and our friend got enough for his Mac. Just a matter of time before we finally get a Safari-compatible WYSIWYG! Thanks to all in the open-source and Mac community who helped!

We’re donating a shiny new Mac to the hard-working open-source programmer over at FCKeditor, in an effort to finally get a WYSIWYG tool that works on Safari. If you’re a web developer, you know where we’re coming from, and you can help too…

Fck_screenshotIf you’re a web developer, you’ve no doubt worked on a CMS-related project where
you needed to install some kind of browser-based WYSIWYG editor for one of your clients. It’s pretty much a rite of passage for us geeks.

you’ve experienced the frustration that comes with most browser-based
WYSIWYGs (broken plugins, JAVA errors, browser incompatibility, etc).
The best one we’ve come across so far is an open source solution called

We like it because it works on PC and Mac, and even
Mozilla Firefox. The only thing missing is Mac Safari support. Well, Apple
just released a new version of Safari, finally making it possible for
FCKeditor to work in that browser!

There’s only one problem. The creator of FCKeditor, an independent programmer based in Poland, doesn’t have a Mac to work on.

Help Us Send Frederico a Mac!

To help speed development of Safari WYSIWYG support, and to hopefully better the Mac web-developer community, we’re donating enough funds for this guy to get himself a new Mac Mini.  If you help us by joining in at Fundable.org, maybe the guy can upgrade to an iBook with wi-fi  and lots of RAM…

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