Feb 22, 2011

Ruby, Our API And The Integration Fund

Update (5/15/15): After pledging $4 million to developers with great ideas, we’ve discontinued our integration fund. To learn more about the 750+ web services that connect with MailChimp, visit our Integrations Directory.

If you haven’t noticed by now, we put a lot of effort into making it easy for developers to build apps on top of MailChimp’s email delivery engine via our API. As if our $1 million MailChimp Integration Fund wasn’t enough of an excuse, I thought I’d mention a few Ruby gems you can use to make integrating MailChimp with your apps even easier…

Gems for Transactional Email

We recently launched Simple Transactional Service, a transactional API built on Amazon SES. There are two gems, mailchimp_ses (written by David Balatero) and uakari (written by yours truly), which make it easy to use our STS API.

Gems for more robust integrations

If you’d like to integrate with our main API, we suggest trying hominid (from Brian Getty) or gibbon (also written by yours truly) and there are more great options listed here.

Recent graduates of our Integration Fund: