Oct 26, 2009

RSS-to-email Scheduling in MailChimp

rss-themMailChimp’s RSS-to-email tool is an awesome feature that helps you automate your email marketing. Every time you post something to your blog (or anything that generates an RSS feed, like ecommerce stores), and MailChimp will automatically send an email to your subscribers.

We just made this feature even more awesome by adding more scheduling options…

Scheduling Daily RSS-to-email updates:


When you schedule a daily update, you can pick the time of day to send. The time zone uses your setting under Account –> My Defaults.

Note that with this setting, it’s possible to send multiple RSS-to-email campaigns per day.

Weekly RSS-to-Email

You can specify what day of the week, and what time of day to send your update:


Monthly RSS-to-Email

Specify the day of the month, and the time of day to send your update: