Apr 7, 2009

Rounded corners in MailChimp templates

Update (9/20/16): This feature was discontinued in 2012 when we introduced our drag and drop Email Designer. To learn more about building campaigns in MailChimp, please refer to our Knowledge Base.

We recently added rounded corners to MailChimp’s built-in email template designer. It’s a subtle upgrade, but it can make a big visual impact. Anywhere you see settings for "border" you can make it rounded:


You can edit the thickness and the color of all borders (note we’ve also added dashed, dotted and more). Here’s a template with a small 5 pixel border:


and here’s what it looks like with a border of 15:


Smoove & Seamless Curves

Whenever you set your rounded corners, MailChimp automatically generates the corner graphic for you, and anti-aliases it with the adjoining background color to soften its edges. That means no jagged edges, and all the radii are perfectly round.

For example, I added a rounded corner to my email’s body (do this under default-text settings), and it grabbed the color from the footer to "fill the gap" and make a seamless transition:


Rounded corners aren’t available in all parts of the templates yet  (due to the modular construction of our layouts), so it may take a little creativity to achieve the perfect "Web2.0 look" (sorry, I couldn’t resist saying that).  But look for more updates to come soon, making rounded corners even easier to use.

For now, you can use a little creativity to build some elegant looking templates, like:


In case you missed it, that’s a blatant copy of Apple’s emails, just so you can see that it can be done.

Or, you can make some coupon emails like: