Sep 19, 2007

Reviving an Old Email List

Found this blog post from Urban Beauty Online. Danni is relaunching that website, and chronicling all her efforts on the blog to help other entrepreneurs.

What caught my eye was how she took a 2-year-old email list, re-invited them to subscribe to that list (to make sure they still wanted to hear from her), and then she posted the results online for all to see:

  1. Reviving an Old Email List Part 1
  2. Reviving an Old Email List Part 2

Granted, the list is small, but the results are pretty consistent with what we’ve seen at MailChimp. From our experience, you can expect your list size to drop from 50-80%.

And this reminds me of one of our all-time favorite re-invite campaigns:

How to Reclaim Old Customer Emails