Mar 28, 2009

Redesigned List Dashboard

We’ve redesigned the List Dashboard in v4.1 ( you’ll probably see them live in your account  in a few days).

List dashboard

It’s a little more organized, and you can drag and drop to sort…

First, we moved the subscriber count to the left, since that’s a big important number for you. You’ll also notice we grouped the icons and links for "settings" and stuff a little better. It’s much cleaner than the old design.


Easier List Sorting

One thing that separates MailChimp from other DIY email marketing services is you can have multiple lists and subgroups (segmentation) for each list. If you can’t wrap your mind around that magic, the unicorn in this video might help.

Anyway, we’ve got customers with LOTS of lists on their dashboard. So we had to make it easier to sort those lists. We turned to Netflix for inspiration.

Now, you can just drag and drop your list in the order you want:


If you’ve got too many lists (some of our users have over a hundred lists they manage), you’re not going to want to drag things around.

You can simply type a number into this field (it’s in the top right of each list module)  and we’ll move it to that position. Or, click the "top" icon to move the list straight to the top:


There are more changes to the list area coming soon. This was just a redesign to make the Dashboard easier to use, and faster to get to list settings. In upcoming releases, we’re going to make the setup of new lists a lot easier and more intuitive.