Apr 25, 2011

Receive TXT Security Alerts for your MailChimp Account

You know how some banks will send you a TXT message whenever someone logs in to your online banking account, or whenever they detect that funds are getting moved around?  Now you can get that for your MailChimp account. We’ll send you a security TXT alert whenever we detect:

  • A login to your account
  • An API key has been generated
  • An Account Key has been created
  • The contact info for your account has been changed
  • Someone attempts to download your list(s)

We’ll be adding more "triggers" over time. This feature is free (though your cell phone carrier may have their own TXT charges), and we strongly recommend that you activate it. Here’s how…

1. Log in to your MailChimp account

2. Click to your "Password & Security Settings" screen

3. Under the "notifications" section, fill in your mobile number. You can also enter your email address in order to get an alert emailed to you:

Get security TXT messages for your MailChimp account


Now, whenever a security event is triggered, you’ll get a TXT message that looks something like this:


MailChimp sends security TXT alerts


Note that we’ll include the IP address and approximate geo location, so you can get some idea of where the access is coming from. For example, if you share access to your account with your manager, you might not be too freaked out when you see a login from the same city as you. But if you see a mysterious login from some other country, you might want to lock your account down asap and tell our support team.