May 21, 2007

Real Estate Signage and Email Marketing

In Atlanta, condos are popping up left and right. Close your eyes and throw a rock in any direction, and you’ll hit some real estate signage of some sort.

I pass these 3 signs almost every day. They’re about 50 feet apart
from each other, which is why I found it interesting to see their
different approaches to marketing…


one’s pretty typical of all the signs I see around the city. You get
the pencil illustration, a phone number, and that’s it. They actually
do have a website, but you’ve got to Google for it.


This one at least has a website. That’s nice. I can go back home and find out more before talking to a sales person.


This is the first sign I’ve ever seen with a website and a call to action. It
actually made me want to check out the website to find out what this
exclusive "priority buyers list" looked like. Unfortunately, it was
nowhere to be found. A+ on concept, D- for execution.