Jul 13, 2009

Re-brandable Campaign Reports in MailChimp


Update (9/27/16): This post contains information about features and workflows that are no longer available within the MailChimp application. To learn more about sharing your MailChimp campaign reports, visit our Knowledge Base.

Do you manage a MailChimp account for a client or boss? Maybe you’re an inhouse web developer, and the sales team keeps asking you for "those mail monkey thingy stats." Ever wish you could send them a campaign report without giving them full access to the MailChimp account? Done.

We just launched our re-brandable campaign reports feature. We’re calling it "VIP Reports."

Here’s how it works…

Go to any campaign’s report, and click the "share" link:


On the next screen, you can customize the report’s header and navigation tabs to totally match your brand’s look and feel. You can upload your logo, then choose from one of our built-in color palettes:


And one of my favorite little UI touches is the way the custom color form fields change as you enter new HEX codes:


After that, choose whether or not you want the report to be password protected, then email it to your client.

They’ll get an email that links them to your re-branded reports page.

Here’s an example using our "weheartfirefox" color palette:


And just to show you how re-brandable this is, here’s the same VIP Reports using our built-in "Australian Soccer Team" color palette, plus an uploaded logo image:


Notice all the colored tabs at the top, plus all the little sub-navigation? Your clients will get access to all your stats — even AIM and click maps:


In case you’re curious, we don’t mention the MailChimp name or include our branding anywhere in the VIP Reports. Even the domain that we use in the email invitation and in the hosted report is different (vip-reports.net).None of your clients or co-workers need to even know that we exist!

If you manage multiple MailChimp accounts for your clients, we’ve got even more goodies for you: MailChimp Account Keychains!