Nov 30, 2010

Pyow is Available on the iPhone App Store

Update (6/27/17): This post contains information about features and workflows that are no longer available within the MailChimp application. To learn more about MailChimp’s mobile apps, visit our Knowledge Base.

A little while ago we sneak-peeked Pyow, our iPhone app that helps store owners send, scan, and track coupons. We’re happy to announce that it’s been approved and is now live in the iPhone App Store.

In case you haven’t heard, with Pyow, you can create a beautiful coupon-embedded email inside MailChimp:

Then your customers can print the coupon, bring it into the store, and you scan it with Pyow:


Since each customer gets a unique, trackable QR code, we can show you in your MailChimp stats who redeemed, and how many friends they referred to you. For more details on how to send a coupon in MailChimp, check out this blog post.

In other MailChimp Mobile news: