Jan 29, 2013

Using Gather for Ongoing Events

We recently released Gather, an SMS app for event organizers to keep their attendees updated during an event. But what qualifies as an event?

Gather by MailChimp

Gather events can actually have an expiration date one year into the future. Not many events last for an entire year, but this feature makes Gather really flexible. Some creative users caught on to this fact and submitted their ideas for using Gather. Here are a few of those ideas to get your wheels turning:

Meetup Organizers – Are you running a meetup group? Keep your members engaged with periodic text messages about speakers and venues, or poll them for the next topic leading up to the meetup date.

Sports Teams – Coaches can ask parents to join a team-specific Gather group to communicate about rain delays, schedule changes, or snack reminders.

Schools and Parents – Teachers can use Gather to keep in touch with parents throughout the school year. It’s also perfect for a class parent who’s organizing an event. "Don’t forget, today’s the last day for field trip permission slips."

Real Estate Agents – Realtors can use Gather to notify colleagues or clients about upcoming homes for sale, price changes, or new listings. You can even have multiple events running at the same time. For example, "Open Houses near 30328" or "New Listings in 30022."

What if I don’t have a MailChimp account?

Although Gather is connected to a MailChimp list, you won’t need a list full of subscribers to get started. If you don’t have a MailChimp account, you can sign up for a free one. Create a new list, and then create your first Gather event. Your attendees will have the option to join your MailChimp list when they sign up for your Gather event. (It’s also a great way to build a new list.)

Gather is currently available for iOS on the App Store, and coming very soon to Google Play for Android.