Jun 4, 2008

Preview Your Emails on Mobile Screens and 30+ email readers

Email Campaign PreviewWe’ve just enabled a slew of new preview screens in our Inbox Inspector tool. For those of you who don’t know, MailChimp lets you easily preview how your email campaign will look in 34 different email readers, with images turned on, images turned off, within vertical preview panes, or horizontal preview panes.

You just click a button, and we do all the hard work for you.

Now you can see what your HTML email will look like on mobile devices too, like:

  • Blackberry
  • Windows Mobile 5
  • Windows Mobile 6

and in more ISPs around the globe, like UK, France, Brazil, Germany, and Japan.

It’s kind of interesting to see that an HTML email that renders like this in Gmail:

email preview in gmail

renders like this in Tiscali UK’s webmail client (check out where the scroll line is on a 1024×768 screen):


And if a recipient has their Outlook 2003 preview pane set to vertical (the default setting), this is all they see:


If they have their preview pane set to horizontal, they only see this:


and my email design reverts to the plain-text version on Windows Mobile 5 (where’d my pizza graphic go?!?):


but on Windows Mobile 6, it shows HTML email with images (but turned off by default):


Another interesting thing is how Lotus Notes (still not dead, and still important for corporate users) messes up my HTML email:

Lotus Notes html email rendering

My fonts in the body somehow switched to times new roman, table cells have strange borders, and some table cell bgcolors are not working. Thanks, Lotus!

Spam Score

We’ll also tell you what your overall spam score is with all the major spam filters (like Spam Assassin, Norton, McAfee, Outlook, Brightmail, Postini, MessageLabs, and IronPort):


But we don’t just give you your score. We pinpoint the exact words in your content that could work against you in some spam filters.

I learned that the word "occasional" has a higher spam score than "free:"


How will your beautiful HTML email designs render in all the different email readers?

More information about our Inbox Inspector here.

P.S. Ever wonder how HTML emails render on Apple’s iPhone?