Jan 22, 2008

Practical Ecommerce Email Marketing Report Card

Practical Ecommerce LogoI’ve been a subscriber to Practical Ecommerce for a while now. It’s full of useful content and tips and reviews for people who run e-commerce websites. So it was really cool when they asked me to be a guest author.

I had to grade an email marketing campaign for Accepted.com (a website that helps students who want to get into college). Overall, I gave them "high marks." Get it? Now you see why I’m an author in such high demand.

Seriously, check out the article at: Email Marketing Report Card: Accepted.com

and if you’d like your email campaign graded too, just send an email to: emailmarketing [at] practicalecommerce.com

At the very least, subscribe to the magazine and email newsletters. You’ll get SEO tips, shopping cart technology tips, and somewhat decent email marketing advice. :-)