Mar 7, 2006

Pitching to Reporters

Ever thought about blasting unsolicited email press releases out to reporters, in the hopes that they’ll actually cover you? If so, punch yourself in the groin.

Then, check out this blog: 

Guy Kawasaki interviews Adam Lashinsky (reporter for Fortune Magazine covering the Silicon Valley beat). Nuggets of wisdom in this article for any small business looking to get some press coverage. In short, assume that reporters already get slammed with pitches and bribes by email, fax, mail, and telephone. Then, try cutting through the clutter by sending content that’s actually useful. A few of the questions Guy asks:

  • How do you pick what to cover?
  • How many companies or their PR firms pitch you per day?
  • What’s the most common mistake that companies and their PR firms make when they pitch you?
  • By contrast, how would you describe the perfect pitch?
  • Does schwag and suckups (cookies, tshirts, flowers, invites to swanky parties) matter at all to you?