Feb 16, 2012

Pinpoint Social Integration

Pinpoint Social aims to ‘take the most powerful social strategies and make them easily accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes.’ They provide a powerful tool for creating, delivering and tracking promotions and special offers to help drive ‘likes’ or engagement on Facebook. Using Pinpoint Social’s application you can create a promotional tab on your business page that provides an incentive for your audience to like your page.

Social promotions like these are a good way to increase the number of fans you have and thus the number of people who are getting your status updates in their news feed. Typically there’s one small problem with these kinds of promotions. When you’re on Facebook encouraging people to like you on Facebook, generally you’re only reaching the people who already like you on Facebook. Ideally you need to reach an audience that doesn’t know you’re on Facebook if you really want to grow your fan base.

That’s where Pinpoint Social’s new MailChimp integration comes in. Using their integration you can, in one click, create an email campaign from the promotion you’ve already made in Pinpoint Social and have it automatically waiting for you in the My Templates section of your MailChimp account. Then, all you have to do is log in to your MailChimp account and send the newsletter to your subscribers to let them know about the new promotion.

This is a really effective tool for building your network of fans and followers. But, then what do you do with that audience once you’ve got it? Just like with your email subscribers, your Facebook fans are more likely to share your content if you’re consistently engaging them in conversation, giving them useful information, and rewarding them for their loyalty. In my opinion, this is where a tool like Pinpoint Social really gets useful.

Let’s say I run a small non-profit organization that throws concerts to help raise funds for local animal shelters. I’ve been working hard to build my followers and fans on Facebook and one way I did that was by running a promotion through Pinpoint Social to give away 5 limited-edition dog collars to those who entered by liking the Rock for Animals page on Facebook. I ran the promotion for 15 days and increased my fans and followers by 48% (Putting Edge recently reported similar results using Pinpoint).

I’m thrilled! But, now I want to find out more information about my fans and encourage them to interact with me online. I also want them to know that their attention means a lot to me and I’m not just rewarding them for ‘liking’ me, I’m rewarding them for being engaged and loyal. I can accomplish both of these goals with Pinpoint. I can ask my fans to comment on a specific question and reward those who answer with a coupon for 25% off flea preventative, a co-promotion I organized with a local pet supply store (If I didn’t have an existing relationship with a pet supply store I could look for ones that my subscribers like using Wavelength).

Pinpoint Social’s campaign editor makes it easy to set up all the pieces of the promotion, including emailing the coupon to participants. Then, with one click, I can export my promotion as an email campaign to my MailChimp account where I can send it out to my subscribers.











Pretty sweet eh? And, in honor of the launch of our integration, Pinpoint Social has put together a free guide on Unlocking the Power of Social Media. Grab the guide for some expert tips, tricks and case studies.

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